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Light Puzzles

I've accumulated two puzzles having to do with lighting... See if you can figure them out!

If you know of other puzzles, games, entertainment having to do with light lighting or bulbs, email me and I'll add 'em. Thanks - Don

Note that you'll need to have Java enabled in your browsers "preferences" to make Puzzle #2 work.

Three Switches and Three Bulbs
Puzzle #1

Three switches are in the "off" position outside a windowless room with each being connected to one of three light bulbs inside the room. How can you determine which switch is connected to which bulb if you may enter the room only once?
see bottom of this page for solution...

All Lights On!
Puzzle #2

Mission Impossible: Your job if you decide to accept - is click on different squares, in an attempt to light up all 25 squares. Might be impossible. Can't be done...?

You need a Java-enabled browser to use this applet.

solution to #1 puzzle: Switch one light on for a minute; turn it off and turn another on. Go into the room and feel the off-bulbs. The warm one is connected to the first switch, the on-bulb is connected to the second.