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Don's grand wisdom: When multiple bulbs are in a circuit; if one bulb burns out, you really should replace all bulbs at same time. This way all bulbs will look the same. Otherwise, mixing "used" bulbs with "new" bulbs (or mixing brands) will each look different (some will be dimmer, some a different shade of color.) For example, automobile headlights and tail-lights must always be replaced in pairs or they will look odd. And, when one bulb is at it's end of life, the other will be near it's end of life too. Keep good working "used" bulbs as emergency spares.

Although few specialty light bulbs and sockets are manufactured anymore, I have decent inventories of most types in stock, plus additional sources for nearly everything. All are guaranteed brand new, most being NOS (new old stock). Shelf life is forever.

Prices usually rise as inventory is sold off. Website updated daily to reflect current stock and prices. Click add to cart button above, and order at today's prices.

My inventory does NOT keep track of brands. Expect bulbs to perform same regardless of brand. Submit order only if you don't require specific brand. Read my general information.

I need your help! I try to provide free accurate bulb data and cross-referencing. If you have additional information or found errors, click here.

Thanks to you;  donsbulbs is the world's largest resource of bulb data and cross-referencing.

Thank you, Don Schnapp


Definition of light bulb refers to lamp.
Definition of socket refers to lampholder (lamp holder).

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P-400 DID Projector Multimedia
P-401 DID Projector Multimedia
P400 DID Projector Multimedia
P401LTE DID Projector Multimedia
P401 DID Projector Multimedia
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manufacture name:  Bell & Howell
model number #:  1480
model name:  Multi-Motion
size:  8mm
type of equipment:  projector
notes:  only the green one
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