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incandescent-miniature lamp light bulb
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PWY24W-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 ECE
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PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS
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PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS

bulb specifications:
category: Incandescent-miniature lamp
volt: 12
amp: 2
watt: 24
base: WP3.3x14.54
glass: T5
notes: glass color is: amber

typical shape of T5 glass envelopes
(not to scale)

Don's grand wisdom: When multiple bulbs are in a circuit; if one bulb burns out, you really should replace all bulbs at same time. This way all bulbs will look the same. Otherwise, mixing "used" bulbs with "new" bulbs (or mixing brands) will each look different (some will be dimmer, some a different shade of color.) For example, automobile headlights and tail-lights must always be replaced in pairs or they will look odd. And, when one bulb is at it's end of life, the other will be near it's end of life too. Keep good working "used" bulbs as emergency spares.

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Definition of light bulb refers to lamp.
Definition of socket refers to lampholder (lamp holder).

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I / 12V / 24W / WP3.3X14.54 / T5 / AMBER PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS (this bulb)
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donsbulbs part number:
PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS

can also be

I/12V/24W/WP3.3X14.5-4/TUBE/AMBER/PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS
I/12V/24W/WP3.3X14.5-4/TUBE/AMBER/PWY24W-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 ECE
I/12V/24W/WP3.3X14.54/T5/AMBER/PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS
I/12V/24W/WP3.3X14.54/T5/AMBER PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS
PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS
PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 ECE
PWY24W-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 ECE
PWY24W/12V/24W/WP3.3X14.5-4/AMBER ECE
PWY24W/24W/12V/WP3.3X14.5-4/AMBER ECE
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PW24WY-24W-12V-WP3.3X14.54 DONSBULBS

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