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common bulb: ABC/DEF

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bulb number: 123XYZ
Projector / Equipment Cross-Reference

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equipment brand:  ACME Projector Company
model number:  1480
model name:  Super EZ
size:  8mm
type of equipment:  projector
notes:  only the green one
comments:  any comments
uses bulb number:  ABC/DEF
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bulb number:  ABC/DEF
bulb category:  Projector
volts:  12.5
amps:  5
watts:  60
electrical base:  BA15s
glass shape:  S-11
filament style:  CC-6
mol (max. overall length):  3 inches
lcl (light center length):  1.25 inches
burn position:  base down to horizontal
lumens (brightness):  134
kelvins (color temperature):  2900
hours:  750
notes:  glass is frosted
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