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I Buy Surplus Specialty Bulbs

I pay cash for unused / undamaged surplus light bulbs. Email me your itemized bulb list telling me quantity of each bulb type. As a guideline, prices I pay are as follows:

$0.50 each for specialty bulbs 100 watts and higher
$0.25 each for specialty bulbs 50 watts and higher which are under 100 watts
$0.10 each for specialty bulbs under 50 watts
$0.001 to $0.10 each for miniature bulbs.
$25.00 each for recent video projector ARC lamps
$5.00 each for obsolete video projector ARC lamps

Value of your bulb lot goes down each year as equipment that uses them becomes obsolete so resell demand diminishes as customers disappear. For example; I'm down to selling less than 1 light bulb for every 1000 surplus bulbs I buy and prospects get worse every year. I've amassed world's largest inventory of obsolete bulbs; few of which will ever find a customer.

I pay more than anyone... If you are able to get a verifiable cash offer higher; let me know as I should be able to beat it.

If you are a light bulb / lamp distributor or manufacture; mail me wholesale pricing and catalogs to address on this webpage. Also, see here for information about emailing me your computer files. Make certain I get all your technical bulb data sheets, bulb photographs, and most importantly any bulb cross-referencing including equipment cross-referencing material.

Thanks, - Don Schnapp
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