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Don's General Info

BULB PRICES: Prices and availability are updated daily here on donsbulbs website.

Can't find your bulb? click here
Can't find a price for your bulb? click here
Don't know which bulb you need? click here
Need technical data for your bulb? click here

PURCHASE: Place orders for bulbs here. $40 minimum order mix and match (not including s/h.) Order must be prepaid.

PAYMENTS Prices are in US dollars (US$, USD). Click for list of payment options. I don't take credit cards nor bank cards.

DELIVERIES USA: To your bulb total, add $8 flat-rate* for ship/handling/insurance. Otherwise click for list of ship methods. (* flat-rate does NOT apply to oversized shipments; which I will special quote after receiving website order submission.)

DELIVERIES WORLDWIDE: I ship everywhere. Click for list of ship methods. Prices are in US$ (USD). Here's a Currency Converter.

EMAIL: I process email early each WEEKDAY morning California time zone (PST). Click email me.

DON'S MAILING ADDRESS: I run all internet and mail order processing from my home. I'm not set up for customers coming to my home. Please respect my privacy. Payment mailing address is on this webpage.

TELEPHONE: I run an internet / email business so email me instead of calling as I absolutely hate telephones. Although I'm listed in the Napa Valley - California USA phone directory "Don Schnapp"; I have one phone line so if I'm here line will certainly be busy tied up for internet use. If you do happen to get through I won't be able help you since I'll be talking to you and I then can't access internet. Don't call - email me!

FAX: No FAX. - Instead, email me a scanned, compressed JPEG copy of any printed material you wish to send. For most items, scan at 72 dpi to 150 dpi, and then JPEG to a highly compressed size hopefully well under 100k, before emailing to me.

SPECIFIC BRAND NAMES: Different companies often manufactured same bulb to industry technical standards. I don't keep track of bulb brands and can't guarantee you'll receive any specific brand. Bulbs with same bulb type / number function same despite minor cosmetic differences without regards to brand. If you require a specific brand; it usually can be provided at a minimum of 25% premium (often much higher) and you must state "brand required" when you place your order.

COSMETIC BULB DIFFERENCES: I sell light bulbs for their function ability. There's always cosmetic differences between different manufactures, and, even between different manufacturing lots by same manufacturer. If you are trying to buy a bulb that cosmetically matches your old bulb you are going to be unsuccessful. If you have a decorative need in having multiple bulbs all cosmetically match, you'll have to buy them all from the same manufacturing lot (all in one order) and specify this fact. You'd better buy lots of extra bulbs for all future replacements. If you request an entire lot to be cosmetically matching, I'll likely need to special order your lot, and at a premium cost. "Overstock" discount pricing doesn't apply to special orders.

SPECIAL ORDERS: Bulbs that I don't have in stock here must be special ordered for you. Special order bulbs are not returnable nor refundable.

QUANTITY ORDERS: Sometimes bulbs are available only in limited quantity. If I'm unable to fill your order in full, then I will fill the quantity available and either back-order the balance or refund the balance if you choose. If you require that the order be filled complete, then you must clearly state this fact when you submit your order.

FORMS / PAPERWORK / INFORMATION: I don't fill out forms, nor do I sign anything. I won't read your paperwork, so don't send me any. I don't supply paperwork nor certificates, nor do I supply personal information (including my Social Security number). And, I don't share your information with anybody.

WEBSITE BULB PRICES: Place order reservation here through donsbulbs website at today's price as price can change anytime (usually higher). I'll then email you within 24 hours locking-in and confirming your reservation. My website is now a SMART-SITE. Everyday I upload my inventory list and my website automatically goes through and prices each bulb type for me using a sophisticated formula which I developed. My website now tracks inventory, rarity, sales and popularity of each bulb in addition to a few other variables. Using this information my website intelligently sets prices for each bulb type. If sales are brisk for a particular bulb and my inventory is being depleted then its price will automatically increase. In contrast, if sales are slow and I have lots of that type in stock, prices automatically reduce. Formula is designed to give huge price discounts when possible. So in fact, my smart website now intelligently acts as my aggressive sales manager.

...words from Don: I've tried to design my website to be easy to navigate with pages loading quickly (keeping fluff down to a minimum) and to provide you with as much useful information as possible. I hope I've succeeded. My website www.donsbulbs.com website is now running on dedicated server so access times should be improved, and I expect server to be up over 99.5% of the time. I'd love to hear suggestions from you on improving my website. Also, if you find errors let me know. If you're not easily offended, be sure to enjoy some light humor. Bookmark and link ONLY to my main page, as other page addresses could change at any time. Also, I need your help. If you have old or new - books, catalogs, brochures containing bulb specifications, photos, cross-references, anything to do with lighting, please email me. I'll pay for all shipping - lend (or sell) them to me so I can extract the information for every ones free use here on my website.
Thank you and enjoy my website, - Don Schnapp

 Website and contents © Copyright 2017 - all rights reserved - www.donsbulbs.com