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bulb voltage slide ruler

Here is an IMPORTANT tool for helping you calculate the hour life expectancy of your projector lamp, the color temperature of the emitted light, and estimated light output, in relationship to different input voltages.

In my on-line Library, I have a 1962 Sylvania slide ruler which I had already scanned in for you, but since this is such an important useful tool I've decided to take the time to "clean up" the scan and create a quality pattern. Now you can easily and quickly make your own bulb voltage slide ruler!

Side Rule
Click to download master pattern.

Use your computer's printer to print out this original pattern on one 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch of white card stock or heavy paper. Pattern size is 2349 x 3035 pixels, and is designed to be printed out at 300dpi (dots per inch) for a finished print size of 7.83 inch x 10.117 inch. Pattern can be shrank or enlarged as desired with no consequences to accuracy of use. Pattern was designed using Photoshop and is an "indexed" GIF format, which means you'll probably need a bit graphic program such as Photoshop to properly print out this pattern. You'll need to make sure the print out settings are set to 300dpi. Some computer printers may not be able to print out the entire pattern on one page; if this happens, then shrink the pattern by increasing the dpi settings a little, say 350dpi. Most problems with printing will be associated with the dpi settings of the printed page. You might try converting to RGB or CMYK color space. If you can't figure out how to properly print out this pattern, DO NOT email me; refer to your bit graphics program looking specifically for printing "dpi" and your computer printer manual.

This is such an important tool; I recommend making up a bunch of 'em up to give away to your friends. Also, of course you'll want to keep the master pattern around for your future use.

If you have other tools or data sheets that are cool, email me...

Enjoy! - Don Schnapp

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