--- donsbulbs is closed for vacation ---

For now, I highly recommend you try this bulb dealer:

email: bulbwork@bulbworks.com

(Bulbworks is located in New Jersey, USA)

First, let me explain to you that those hard to find bulbs you are searching for, are most likely rare, and if available anymore they will be very EXPENSIVE.

In your FIRST email contact with Bulbworks, make sure you tell them the bulb number (and everything else printed on the old bulb), the bulb voltage and wattage (if known), and everything else you know about the bulb you need. They have access to many more bulbs than what is listed on their website.

As a reminder, Bulbworks is not part of donsbulbs so they can not help you with anything related to donsbulbs. And, since I'm on vacation, Bulbworks does not have access to my inventory

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bulb indexes:
       volt amp watt cp

projection lamp
reference guide


early 1960's estimated date

Original for sale: $100

front view showing all indexes

front cover
back side: blank

50 watt
back side: blank

75 watt
back side: continued...

100 watt
back side: continued...

150 watt
back side: continued...

200 watt
back side: continued...

300 watt
back side: continued...

300 watt continued...
back side: continued...

400 watt
back side: blank

500 watt
back side: continued...

500 watt continued...
back side: continued...

750 watt
back side: continued...

750 watt continued...
back side: blank

1000 watt
back side: continued...

1000 watt continued...
back side: blank

1200 watt
back side: blank

exciter lamps
back side: continued...

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