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bulb indexes:
       volt amp watt cp

Lucas powerbulbs
vehicle application chart


Original for sale: $100

front cover
inside front cover: identification chart
page 1- index of bulbs and sealed beam units #1-#259
page 2- index of bulbs and sealed beam units #260-#382
page 3- index of bulbs and sealed beam units #383-#504
page 4- index of bulbs and sealed beam units #505-#998
page 5- sealed beams #SB5700-#SB7503
page 6- tungsten/halogen/quartz #448-#469
page 7- headlamps cars: ALVIS - B.M.C./RILEY
- headlamps cars: ASTON MARTIN
- headlamps cars: B.M.C./AUSTIN
- headlamps cars: B.M.C./M.G.
- headlamps cars: B.M.C./MORRIS
- headlamps cars: B.M.C./RILEY

page 8- headlamps cars: B.M.C./WOLSELEY
- headlamps cars: BRISTOL
- headlamps cars: BOND
- headlamps cars: DAF
- headlamps cars: DAIMLER
- headlamps cars: FIAT
- headlamps cars: FORD
- headlamps cars: JAGUAR
- headlamps cars: JENSEN
- headlamps cars: MORGAN
- headlamps cars: MERCEDES/BENZ

page 9- headlamps cars: RELIANT
- headlamps cars: RENAULT
- headlamps cars: ROOTES/HILLMAN
- headlamps cars: ROOTES/HUMBER
- headlamps cars: ROOTES/SINGER
- headlamps cars: ROOTES/SUNBEAM
- headlamps cars: ROVER
- headlamps cars: SAAB
- headlamps cars: SKODA
- headlamps cars: STANDARD
- headlamps cars: TRIUMPH
- headlamps cars: VAUZHALL

page 10- headlamps cars: VAUXHALL
- headlamps cars: VOLKSWAGEN
- headlamps commercials: B.M.C./AUSTIN/MORRIS
- headlamps commercials: FORD
- headlamps commercials: ROOTES/COMMER/KARRIER
- headlamps commercials: STANDARD/TRIUMPH/LEYLAND
- headlamps commercials: VAUXHALL/BEDFORD

page 11- sidelamps cars: ALVIS
- sidelamps cars: ASTON MARTIN
- sidelamps cars: B.M.C/AUSTIN
- sidelamps cars: B.M.C./M.G.
- sidelamps cars: B.M.C./MORRIS
- sidelamps cars: B.M.C./RILEY
- sidelamps cars: B.M.C./WOLSELEY
- sidelamps cars: BRISTOL
- sidelamps cars: BOND
- sidelamps cars: CITROEN
- sidelamps cars: DAF
- sidelamps cars: DAIMLER
- sidelamps cars: FIAT

page 12- sidelamps cars: FORD
- sidelamps cars: JAGUAR
- sidelamps cars: JENSEN
- sidelamps cars: MORGAN
- sidelamps cars: MERCEDES/BENZ
- sidelamps cars: PORSCHE
- sidelamps cars: RELIANT
- sidelamps cars: RENAULT
- sidelamps cars: ROOTES/HILLMAN
- sidelamps cars: ROOTES/HUMBER
- sidelamps cars: ROOTES/SINGER
- sidelamps cars: ROOTES/SUNBEAM
- sidelamps cars: ROVER
- sidelamps cars: SAAB
- sidelamps cars: SKODA
- sidelamps cars: STANDARD
- sidelamps cars: TRIUMPH
- sidelamps cars: VAUXHALL
- sidelamps cars: VOLVO

page 13- sidelamps commercials: B.M.C./AUSTIN/MORRIS
- sidelamps commercials: FORD
- sidelamps commercials: ROOTES/COMMER/KARRIER
- sidelamps commercials: STANDARD/TRIUMPH/LEYLAND
- sidelamps commercials: VAUXHALL/BEDFORD

page 14- front flashers cars: ALVIS
- front flashers cars: ASTON MARTIN
- front flashers cars: B.M.C./AUSTIN
- front flashers cars: B.M.C./M.G.
- front flashers cars: B.M.C./MORRIS
- front flashers cars: B.M.C./RILEY
- front flashers cars: B.M.C./WOLSELEY
- front flashers cars: BOND
- front flashers cars: CITROEN
- front flashers cars: DAF
- front flashers cars: DAIMLER
- front flashers cars: FIAT
- front flashers cars: FORD
- front flashers cars: JAGUAR
- front flashers cars: JENSEN
- front flashers cars: MORGAN

page 15- front flashers cars: MERCEDES/BENZ
- front flashers cars: RELIANT
- front flashers cars: RENAULT
- front flashers cars: ROOTES/HILLMAN
- front flashers cars: ROOTES/HUMBER
- front flashers cars: ROOTES/SINGER
- front flashers cars: ROOTES/SUNBEAM
- front flashers cars: ROVER
- front flashers cars: STANDARD
- front flashers cars: TRIUMPH
- front flashers cars: VAUXHALL
- front flashers cars: VOLKSWAGEN
- front flashers cars: VOLVO
- front flashers commercials: B.M.C./AUSTIN/MORRIS
- front flashers commercials: ROOTES/COMMER/KARRIER
- front flashers commercials: STANDARD/TRIUMPH/LEYLAND
- front flashers commercials: VAUXHALL/BEDFORD

page 16- rear flasher cars: ALVIS
- rear flasher cars: B.M.C./M.G.
- rear flasher cars: B.M.C./M.G.
- rear flasher cars: B.M.C./MORRIS
- rear flasher cars: B.M.C./RILEY
- rear flasher cars: B.M.C./WOLSELEY
- rear flasher cars: BRISTOL
- rear flasher cars: BOND
- rear flasher cars: CITROEN
- rear flasher cars: DAF
- rear flasher cars: DAIMLER
- rear flasher cars: FIAT
- rear flasher cars: FORD
- rear flasher cars: JAGUAR
- rear flasher cars: JENSEN
- rear flasher cars: MORGAN
- rear flasher cars: MERCEDES/BENZ

page 17- rear flasher cars: RELIANT
- rear flasher cars: RENAULT
- rear flasher cars: ROOTES/HILLMAN
- rear flasher cars: ROOTES/HUMBER
- rear flasher cars: ROOTES/SINGER
- rear flasher cars: ROVER
- rear flasher cars: SAAB
- rear flasher cars: SKODA
- rear flasher cars: STANDARD
- rear flasher cars: TRIUMPH
- rear flasher cars: VAUXHALL
- rear flasher cars: VOLKSWAGEN
- rear flasher cars: VOLVO
- rear flasher commercials: B.M.C./AUSTIN/MORRIS
- rear flasher commercials: FORD
- rear flasher commercials: ROOTES/COMMER/KARRIER
- rear flasher commercials: STANDARD/TRIUMPH/LEYLAND
- rear flasher commercials: VAUXHALL/BEDFORD

page 18- tail lights cars: ALVIS
- tail lights cars: ASTON MARTIN
- tail lights cars: B.M.C./AUSTIN
- tail lights cars: B.M.C./M.G.
- tail lights cars: B.M.C./MORRIS
- tail lights cars: B.M.C./RILEY
- tail lights cars: B.M.C./WOLSELEY
- tail lights cars: BRISTOL
- tail lights cars: BOND
- tail lights cars: CITROEN
- tail lights cars: DAF
- tail lights cars: DAIMLER
- tail lights cars: FIAT
- tail lights cars: FORD
- tail lights cars: JAGUAR
- tail lights cars: JENSEN
- tail lights cars: MORGAN
- tail lights cars: MERCEDES/BENZ
- tail lights cars: RELIANT
- tail lights cars: RENAULT
- tail lights cars: ROOTES/HILLMAN
- tail lights cars: ROOTES/HUMBER
- tail lights cars: ROOTES/SINGER

page 19- tail lights cars: ROOTES/SUNBEAM
- tail lights cars: ROVER
- tail lights cars: SAAB
- tail lights cars: SKODA
- tail lights cars: STANDARD
- tail lights cars: TRIUMPH
- tail lights cars: VAUXHALL
- tail lights cars: VOLKSWAGEN
- tail lights cars: VOLVO
- tail lights commercials: B.M.C./AUSTIN/MORRIS
- tail lights commercials: FORD
- tail lights commercials: ROOTES/COMMER/KARRIER
- tail lights commercials: STNADARD/TRIUMPH/LEYLAND
- tail lights commercials: VAUXHALL/BEDFORD

page 20- stop lights cars: ALVIS
- stop lights cars: ASTON MARTIN
- stop lights cars: B.M.C./AUSTIN
- stop lights cars: B.M.C./MORRIS
- stop lights cars: B.M.C./RILEY
- stop lights cars: B.M.C./WOLSELEY
- stop lights cars: BRISTOL
- stop lights cars: BOND
- stop lights cars: CITROEN
- stop lights cars: DAF
- stop lights cars: DAIMLER
- stop lights cars: FIAT
- stop lights cars: FORD
- stop lights cars: JAGUAR
- stop lights cars: JENSEN
- stop lights cars: MORGAN
- stop lights cars: MERCEDES/BENZ
- stop lights cars: RELIANT
- stop lights cars: RENAULT
- stop lights cars: ROOTES/HILLMAN
- stop lights cars: ROOTES/HUMBER
- stop lights cars: ROOTES/SINGER
- stop lights cars: ROOTES/SUNBEAM

page 21- stop lights cars: ROVER
- stop lights cars: SAAB
- stop lights cars: SKODA
- stop lights cars: STANDARD
- stop lights cars: TRIUMPH
- stop lights cars: VAUXHALL
- stop lights cars: VOLKSWAGEN
- stop lights cars: VOLVO
- stop lights commercials: B.M.C./AUSTIN/MORRIS
- stop lights commercials: FORD
- stop lights commercials: ROOTES/COMMER/KARRIER
- stop lights commercials: STANDARD/TRIUMPH/LEYLAND
- stop lights commercials: VAUXHALL/BEDFORD

page 22- number plate lights cars: ALVIS
- number plate lights cars: ASTON/MARTIN
- number plate lights cars: B.M.C./AUSTIN
- number plate lights cars: B.M.C./M.G.
- number plate lights cars: B.M.C./MORRIS
- number plate lights cars: B.M.C./RILEY
- number plate lights cars: B.M.C./WOLSELY
- number plate lights cars: BRISTOL
- number plate lights cars: BOND
- number plate lights cars: CITROEN
- number plate lights cars: DAF
- number plate lights cars: DAIMLER
- number plate lights cars: FIAT
- number plate lights cars: FORD
- number plate lights cars: JAGUAR
- number plate lights cars: JENSEN
- number plate lights cars: MORGAN
- number plate lights cars: MERCEDES/BENZ

page 23- number plate lights cars: PORCHE
- number plate lights cars: RELIANT
- number plate lights cars: RENAULT
- number plate lights cars: ROOTES/HILLMAN
- number plate lights cars: ROOTES/HUMBER
- number plate lights cars: ROOTES/SINGER
- number plate lights cars: ROOTES/SUNBEAM
- number plate lights cars: ROVER
- number plate lights cars: SAAB
- number plate lights cars: SKODA
- number plate lights cars: STANDARD
- number plate lights cars: TRIUMPH
- number plate lights cars: VAUXHALL
- number plate lights cars: VOLKSWAGEN
- number plate lights cars: VOLVO
- number plate lights commercials: B.M.C./AUSTIN/MORRIS
- number plate lights commercials: FORD
- number plate lights commercials: ROOTES/COMMER/KARRIER
- number plate lights commercials: STANDARD/TRIUMPH/LEYLAND
- number plate lights commercials: VAUXHALL/BEDFORD

page 24- ignition warning panel lights cars: ALVIS
- ignition warning panel lights cars: B.M.C./AUSTIN
- ignition warning panel lights cars: B.M.C./M.G.
- ignition warning panel lights cars: B.M.C./MORRIS
- ignition warning panel lights cars: B.M.C./RILEY
- ignition warning panel lights cars: B.M.C./WOLSELEY
- ignition warning panel lights cars: BRISTOL
- ignition warning panel lights cars: BOND
- ignition warning panel lights cars: CITROEN
- ignition warning panel lights cars: DAF
- ignition warning panel lights cars: DAIMLER
- ignition warning panel lights cars: FIAT
- ignition warning panel lights cars: FORD
- ignition warning panel lights cars: JAGUAR
- ignition warning panel lights cars: JENSEN
- ignition warning panel lights cars: MORGAN
- ignition warning panel lights cars: MERCEDES/BENZ
- ignition warning panel lights cars: RELIANT
- ignition warning panel lights cars: RENAULT
- ignition warning panel lights cars: ROOTES/HILLMAN

page 25- ignition warning panel lights cars: ROOTES/HUMBER
- ignition warning panel lights cars: ROOTES/SINGER
- ignition warning panel lights cars: ROOTES/SUNBEAM
- ignition warning panel lights cars: ROVER
- ignition warning panel lights cars: SKODA
- ignition warning panel lights cars: STANDARD
- ignition warning panel lights cars: TRIUMPH
- ignition warning panel lights cars: VAUXHALL
- ignition warning panel lights cars: VOLKSWAGEN
- ignition warning panel lights cars: VOLVO
- ignition warning panel lights commercials: B.M.C/AUSTIN/MORRIS
- ignition warning panel lights commercials: FORD
- ignition warning panel lights commercials: ROOTES/COMMER/KARRIER
- ignition warning panel lights commercials: STANDARD/TRIUMPH/LEYLAND
- ignition warning panel lights commercials: VAUXHALL/BEDFORD

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