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General Electric
large lamp catalog #1E-301

undated; estimated 1950's

front cover
inside front cover-blank
page 1-title page
page 2-foreword
page 3-index
page 4-general electric leadership story
page 5-continued with photos
page 6-filament chart, bulb anatomy
page 7-bases chart
page 8-bulb shapes and sizes
page 9-bulb finishes
page 10-ge fluorescent lamps
page 11-ballasts for fluorescent lamps
page 12-ge fluorescent lamp operating systems
page 13-continued, wiring diagrams
page 14-ge fluorescent lamp colors
page 15-ge fluorescent lamps; t5's
page 16-continued; t8's
page 17-continued; t12's
page 18-continued; t12's, t17's
page 19-ge rapid start fluorecent and rf and cold cathode lamps
page 20-ge slimline fluorescent lamps
page 21-continued, ge circline fluorescent lamps
page 22-ge inside frosted lamps
page 23-continued
page 24-ge three-lite lamps
page 25-ge "q" coated lamps
page 26-ge silvered and semi-silvered bowl lamps
page 27-continued
page 28-ge daylight and white bowl lamps
page 29-ge "ga" and yellow lamps
page 30-ge clear lamps; pics
page 31-continued; specs
page 32-ge projector and reflector lamps; pics
page 33-continued; specs
page 34-ge decorative lamps, pics
page 35-continued; specs
page 36-ge sign and decorative lamps; pics
page 37-continued; specs
page 38-ge natural colored lamps
page 39-ge lumiline lamps
page 40-ge street railway lamps
page 41-ge marine and traffic signal lamps
page 42-ge street lighting lamps; pics
page 43-continued; specs
page 44-ge aviation lamps; pics and specs
page 45-continued; pics and text
page 46-ge train and locomotive lamps
page 47-continued
page 48-low voltage lighting service; 6V, 12V, 30V
page 49-ge high voltage lamps; 230 - 250V
page 50-ge home appliance and night light lamps
page 51-ge glow lamps
page 52-ge pilot lamps, indicator, microscope, x-ray,
page 52-doctor's headlamp, and scale illuminator lamps

page 53-ge sound reproducer and projector lamps
page 54-ge tubular and showcase lamps
page 55-ge mine lamps
page 56-ge floodlight and spotlight lamps
page 57-continued
page 58-ge heat and industrial infrared lamps
page 59-ge rough service and vibration lamps
page 60-ge mercury lamps
page 61-continued
page 62-ge "black light" lamps
page 63-continued
page 64-ge germicidal lamps
page 65-ge ozone and sunlamps
page 66-page index of lamps by wattage; 3W
page 67-page index of lamps by wattage; 25W
page 68-page index of lamps by wattage; 75W
page 69-page index of lamps by wattage; 500W
page 69-page index of lamps by wattage; fluorescent

page 70-page index of lamps by wattage; fluorescent
page 71-how to order lamps
page 72-discount terms, and transportation allowances
inside back cover-blank
back cover-sales and service district offices
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