Elevate Your Living Space with Cutting-Edge Smart Lighting from DALS

If you’re new to smart lighting and eager to get started, DALS has created the Smart Home Starter Kit to make your introduction smooth and affordable. This all-in-one box provides everything you need to easily integrate smart lighting into your home. 
Setup is straightforward: simply install or plug in the device, download the DALS Connect™ app, and connect your device.

Optimize Lighting and Energy Usage at Home with Lutron Light Control

Lutron is a leading name in the rapidly expanding smart home industry, offering ideal solutions tailored to homes of all sizes and budgets. 
Whether you’re constructing a new residence or seeking to modernize your current home, Lutron’s extensive compatibility with a vast array of smart home devices sets it apart. Below, we’ve highlighted Lutron’s top three systems to help guide your …

RAB Sensors and LED Lamps: The Perfect Duo for Superior Lighting

RAB Lighting is taking commercial lighting to the next level with an exciting new offering available. Combining their industry-leading motion sensors with highly customizable LED PAR lamps, RAB has created a top-tier security lighting bundle. 
With this package, customers have the option to select from four of RAB’s most popular motion sensor models: the STEALTH series and the GOTCHA series. 

Harnessing UVC LEDs to Design Advanced Disinfection Systems

In recent times, there has been an increased emphasis on cleanliness and disinfection, driven by a heightened awareness of health and hygiene. This shift in focus has led to advancements in disinfection technologies, with ultraviolet (UV) light emerging as a powerful tool in combating pathogens. 
Among UV technologies, UVC light, particularly when harnessed by LEDs, has gained prominence for its efficiency and versatility in …

Upgrade Your Living Space with Affordable Luxury from Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting, a proud member of the Hubbell family, has been at the forefront of lighting solutions for over a century. They offer a wide range of innovative and design-driven lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Their products seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with artistic design, and they are committed to providing the highest quality lighting solutions for residential and …

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Opt for Diode LED Strip Lights

Leading the way in low-voltage linear lighting solutions is Diode LED, the manufacturing arm of Elemental LED. Renowned for its top-tier energy-efficient offerings, Diode LED stands as a premier source for contemporary, stylish lighting solutions
What sets Diode LED apart is the fusion of precision engineering with diverse pricing options, making it the go-to choice for a wide spectrum of professionals. …

Learning About the Basics of Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen, workspace, or even your display shelves. This form of lighting not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves a practical purpose by illuminating the area where you need it the most. 
In this guide, we will delve into the basics of under-cabinet lighting and how it can transform your living spaces.
Types of Under Cabinet Lighting
There are several …

NSL Unveils CCT Technology in its Best-Selling LED Products

National Specialty Lighting (NSL) has launched new versions of its LED Thin Line Downlights that now include adjustable color temperature features. Designed for easy installation in both new and renovated spaces, these slim-profile lights are ideal for various settings including homes and businesses.
You don’t need a special housing for these lights; they can directly touch insulation material. They’re also safe to use in wet locations. The lights come with an easy switch for changing between five different color temperatures, ranging from warm to …

Why You Should Light Up Your Landscaping

Landscape lighting is more than just a way to illuminate your garden or outdoor spaces; it’s a design element that can transform the look and feel of your property. 
Whether you have a sprawling estate or a cozy backyard, the advantages of lighting your landscaping go beyond aesthetics. 
In this article, we’ll explore five compelling reasons why adding outdoor lighting to your landscape is a brilliant idea.
Accentuating Your Garden’s Beauty…

Renewed Call to Action: Policymakers Push for Fluorescent Lamp Phase-Out

In 2021, Roger Baro, representing the African region, emphasized the importance of lighting giant Signify’s support for phasing out mercury-containing fluorescent lamps through the Minamata Convention on Mercury COP4. 
Progress was made during the COP4 negotiations, with governments unanimously agreeing to phase out compact fluorescent lamps by 2025. Now, the Africa Region, comprising 40 countries, is leading efforts to propose a new amendment to the Minamata Convention to be discussed at the fifth Conference of Parties (COP5) in 2023 in Geneva. …