Upgrade Your Living Space with Affordable Luxury from Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting, a proud member of the Hubbell family, has been at the forefront of lighting solutions for over a century. They offer a wide range of innovative and design-driven lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Their products seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with artistic design, and they are committed to providing the highest quality lighting solutions for residential and …

NSL Unveils CCT Technology in its Best-Selling LED Products

National Specialty Lighting (NSL) has launched new versions of its LED Thin Line Downlights that now include adjustable color temperature features. Designed for easy installation in both new and renovated spaces, these slim-profile lights are ideal for various settings including homes and businesses.
You don’t need a special housing for these lights; they can directly touch insulation material. They’re also safe to use in wet locations. The lights come with an easy switch for changing between five different color temperatures, ranging from warm to …

Lutron’s Lighting Trend Report Unveils Homeowner’s Lighting Preferences

Lutron Electronics has released its inaugural Lighting Trend Report which was based on a Lutron/Harris Poll survey and expert opinions. 
The study reveals that lighting is a top priority in home design for American homeowners. According to the survey, 91% believe that quality lighting is crucial for their home, and 75% say it’s one of the most important design elements.
Cecilia Ramos, Lutron’s Senior Director, emphasized that while people often focus on furniture and decor, lighting is an essential factor…