Elevate Your Living Space with Cutting-Edge Smart Lighting from DALS

If you’re new to smart lighting and eager to get started, DALS has created the Smart Home Starter Kit to make your introduction smooth and affordable. This all-in-one box provides everything you need to easily integrate smart lighting into your home. 
Setup is straightforward: simply install or plug in the device, download the DALS Connect™ app, and connect your device.

Optimize Lighting and Energy Usage at Home with Lutron Light Control

Lutron is a leading name in the rapidly expanding smart home industry, offering ideal solutions tailored to homes of all sizes and budgets. 
Whether you’re constructing a new residence or seeking to modernize your current home, Lutron’s extensive compatibility with a vast array of smart home devices sets it apart. Below, we’ve highlighted Lutron’s top three systems to help guide your …

RAB Sensors and LED Lamps: The Perfect Duo for Superior Lighting

RAB Lighting is taking commercial lighting to the next level with an exciting new offering available. Combining their industry-leading motion sensors with highly customizable LED PAR lamps, RAB has created a top-tier security lighting bundle. 
With this package, customers have the option to select from four of RAB’s most popular motion sensor models: the STEALTH series and the GOTCHA series. 

SOLTECH Solar Lighting – Your Gateway to Energy Independence and Off-Grid Living

SOLTECH is a leading company in the field of solar LED lighting, offering customized solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial needs. Known for its high-quality and efficient products, SOLTECH makes solar lighting affordable and practical for those looking to move off the grid.
The company stands out for its long-standing commitment to innovation in solar lighting and energy storage. Unlike many competitors, SOLTECH oversees the entire process of creating their solar LED systems, from development to manufacturing.