NSL Unveils CCT Technology in its Best-Selling LED Products

National Specialty Lighting (NSL) has launched new versions of its LED Thin Line Downlights that now include adjustable color temperature features. Designed for easy installation in both new and renovated spaces, these slim-profile lights are ideal for various settings including homes and businesses.

You don’t need a special housing for these lights; they can directly touch insulation material. They’re also safe to use in wet locations. The lights come with an easy switch for changing between five different color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool.

These downlights are available in five different sizes and can be round or square. They come in a standard white finish but offer optional trim rings in brushed nickel, black, or bronze.

Aside from that, NSL has also introduced a new under-cabinet light called the LED Task Bar. Building on the success of its previous models, this new light combines traditional task lighting with adjustable color temperature technology. 

It’s a slim, connectable light bar that’s great for under kitchen cabinets, display cases, or work areas, offering durable and energy-efficient lighting.

The LED Task Bar is slimmer than most other similar products and can be linked together up to 200W. It offers high-quality color rendering that brings out vibrant colors in the illuminated area. 

Available in five lengths from 12 to 48 inches, it features a clean white finish. You can easily adjust the light’s color temperature to five settings, ranging from warm to daylight, making it a versatile lighting option for modern kitchens.

Since its founding in 1988, National Specialty Lighting (NSL) has earned a reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality lighting products in the U.S. The company offers a wide range of lighting options, from cutting-edge LED technology to classic lighting solutions. 

Their diverse product line includes task lights, general area lights, landscape lights, decorative lights, and more.

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