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Elevate Your Living Space with Cutting-Edge Smart Lighting from DALS

If you’re new to smart lighting and eager to get started, DALS has created the Smart Home Starter Kit to make your introduction smooth and affordable. This all-in-one box provides everything you need to easily integrate smart lighting into your home. 

Setup is straightforward: simply install or plug in the device, download the DALS Connect™ app, and connect your device.

DALS smart lighting can be managed remotely through a wireless connection and a smartphone app. Since launching its first smart products in 2017, DALS has become a leader in the field. In 2019, they rolled out the DALS Connect™ platform, which specializes in Wi-Fi direct connectivity, solidifying their industry standing. 

Recently, they’ve expanded their offerings with DALS Connect™ PRO, a line that utilizes Bluetooth mesh technology to support even more devices on a single network, among other features.

Both the original DALS Connect™ and the newer DALS Connect™ PRO can work in tandem and be managed through the same app. This makes it easy for you to expand and adapt your smart lighting setup as your needs change.

DALS Connect vs. DALS Connect PRO – How They Differ

DALS Connect™ products rely on Wi-Fi technology, which is commonly used for connecting a range of devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones to the Internet. 

Wi-Fi operates through a router that shares the connection with all enabled devices. However, while it offers a decent range and can connect a good number of devices, it has its limitations. The technology is best for line-of-sight applications and can sometimes be affected by absorption issues. 

Typically, a residential Wi-Fi access point has a range of about 30 feet and can connect up to 20 devices, although this can vary based on the specific access point.

On the other hand, DALS Connect™ PRO utilizes Bluetooth-mesh technology. In this setup, each Bluetooth device on the network can pass along commands to the next device in the chain. 

This is made possible by Bluetooth Low Energy standards that allow for many-to-many communication over Bluetooth radio. 

One advantage of Bluetooth-mesh is that it doesn’t require an internet connection for operation. You can control large groups of devices directly through your smartphone or tablet.

With the DALS Connect™ App, managing all your smart devices is a breeze. Whether you’re using Bluetooth-mesh or Wi-Fi technology, or even a combination of both, the app seamlessly integrates them. 

Plus, if you want to add cloud connectivity to your Bluetooth-mesh devices, simply utilize the DALS Connect™ PRO hub. Everything is designed to work in harmony to offer you a unified and efficient smart home experience.

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