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Bulb Locating Service

You can easily find your bulbs and lamps as they are listed in alpha-numerical order in links above. (click help if needed.)

otherwise: hire me for FREE ...

If you can't find your bulb or can't find a price for you bulb in links above (or don't know which bulb you need) - hire me to locate your bulb and get you bulb pricing. In addition to my own huge stock of rare bulbs, I'll check all around the world with each of my suppliers, so I should be able to locate your bulb. If you can't find it yourself then it likely is a rare bulb and going to be expensive. Of course, we may get lucky and it might cross-reference with a more common bulb type found here on my website.

My bulb Bulb Locating Service goes hand in hand with my Price Quote Service as I can't quote you price for a bulb until after I spend my time finding a supplier for your bulb.

Bulbs not listed on my website (or listed as "sold out") are special order bulbs and once located; will be priced to you at full retail. If you are price shopping around, don't bother hiring me to locate your special order bulb as I won't be cheaper.

Hard to find special order bulbs are always expensive so hire me ONLY if you can't find your bulb elsewhere.

I DON'T spend my time locating special order bulbs (and getting price quotes) for free. To locate your bulb and get you a price quote; you must up-front a deposit which will be FULLY applied to your later bulb purchase.
I'm interested in taking all the time and effort necessary to locate your bulb so long as you purchase it. My suppliers know you've paid bulb deposit up-front and that you are a SERIOUS buyer. We are all more than willing to make an extra effort to locate your bulb.

If you later decide NOT to purchase the bulb I find for you; you will forfeit your deposit.

If a brand new bulb can't be found at any price; your payment will be FULLY refunded.

Send 0.01 bitcoin to bitcoin transaction number:
(this transaction number is for research payment only)

Otherwise, mail $20 to my address on this webpage.

Then, email me telling payment method, and tell as much bulb information as you can; the bulb number, bulb wattage, bulb voltage, the brand and type of the machine, model number. If possible, send me a compressed JPEG scan or photo of the bulb next to a ruler so I can see exactly what we need.

I trade and work with many private bulb collectors, hoarders, and companies around the world. With the proper equipment and bulb information, my bulb locating success rate nears 99 percent.

Be sure to also include your full name and shipping address. I'll reserve the bulb for you then email you with the total price of that bulb and your balance due. Please allow a couple of weeks for me to complete my search.

Thanks - Don Schnapp
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