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Bulb Specifications Service

All bulb data I have on hand is available FREE, here on my website. Find your bulb or lamp in the links above, as all bulbs are listed in alpha-numerical order. (click help if needed.)

otherwise: hire me (for free when buying bulbs) ...

If you can't find the technical information needed for your bulb, hire me to research your bulb to find the necessary data. Some typical types of data I can usually locate for you (where applicable):
* Class/type of bulb
* Cross-references (other bulbs similar to your bulb)
* Voltage, Wattage, Amps
* Glass shape
* Base type
* Designed average life (hours)
* Color of light (Kelvins or wavelength)
* Lumens or candle power (brightness)
* Physical dimensions
* Light Center length
* Arc length
* Filament type/design
* Beam angle
* Color Rendering Index (CRI)
* Any special characteristics

Send 0.01 bitcoins to bitcoin transaction number:
(this transaction number is for research payment only)

Otherwise, mail $20 to my address on this webpage.

Then, email me clearly telling me what type of bulb data you need, and why. I can help you best if I fully understand your project and goal.

Please allow a few business days for me to complete my search. Note that some types of bulbs (like most Video Projector types) are OEM (original equipment manufacture) bulbs, where little or no published data exists.

If you later buy bulbs from me, I will give you FULL credit towards bulb purchase; so, in the end, my bulb data research can be for free!

If I can't provide the information you request, my fee will be refunded in full.

Thanks - Don Schnapp
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