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Dealer Information

My specialty is collecting and selling RARE bulbs which can't be found elsewhere.

My prices are firm and same for everyone.

I don't have special prices for dealers. Click bulb links above for current bulb prices.

If you want me to take the time to personally make you a price quote, click here.

I don't discount on quantity purchased (unless specifically noted in bulb links above). Actually, I raise my prices for each bulb type as stock diminishes. If I locate additional stock then I lower my prices. Prices on my website are updated daily. If you find a price you like then submit order reservation on-line through my website. I will confirm your reservation by email. Bulb reservations are held up to two weeks awaiting your payment.

My bulb stock generally consists of at least 6 to 12 units of each bulb type, often many more. If I'm heavily overstocked on an item, my website will offer you huge quantity discounts.

Once my stock is sold out, many of my bulb types can't be replaced. Luckily I'm occasionally able to purchase additional new old bulb stock from warehouses clearing out their back rooms or storage space, but, if I'm out of a particular bulb type, I never know if I'll ever be able to stock it again.

Buy your bulb now... I constantly receive sad emails about how someone waited too long and bulb they desperately need is no longer available.

As inventory and prices do fluctuate anytime, my website is my catalog and no additional printed catalogs or price lists are available.

I'm often requested for free bulb samples... I don't have any samples to give away. If you need a "sample" you'll have to buy one.

Thank you - Don Schnapp
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