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Equipment Research Service

Don't know which bulb type/number your equipment uses?
Find your bulb using my FREE on-line Equipment Lookup.

otherwise: hire me for FREE ...

If you can't figure out which bulb you need or you're not sure which bulb your equipment uses; I will research your machine and locate the correct bulb you need. I have access to bulb cross reference material available for projectors, photography, medical, and all kinds of specialty equipment.

Send 0.01 bitcoins to bitcoin transaction number:
(this transaction number is for research payment only)

Otherwise, mail $20 to my address on this webpage.

My website is filled with information and provided so you can do your own research for FREE. Although my time isn't free - in the end, I'll happily spend my time researching your equipment at no charge as long as you follow through with bulb purchase.

After making bulb deposit - email me with the kind, type, brand, model number, manufactured date (or estimated date) of your projector or equipment. Usually, the bulb voltage and wattage will be printed somewhere on the machine (often found in the bulb compartment.) Tell me how many "pins" or electrical contacts the bulb connector appears to have. Some specialty equipment may contain several different bulbs, so you will need to help figure out which bulb we are looking for. If you have an old correct bulb, also email me a compressed jpegged scan of it or a scanned hand drawing, giving overall measurements with details of the base and electrical connector. Also email me any additional information that you may feel will help. Be sure to include your name, complete shipping address and telephone number. After sending payment and the above information, please allow a few business days for me to complete my research investigation.

I'll figure out which bulb type you need, then I'll reserve two brand new bulbs for your purchase; emailing you your total balance due. My research service will end up being free if you purchase at least ONE bulb, as your payment will be fully applied to your bulb order. All website bulb prices and discounts apply. Please note that occasionally I run across some equipment which needs rare and/or expensive bulbs which are not listed here on my website (click here for more info.) Email me with as much information as you can provide about your equipment.

The bulb you need is probably already listed and priced here on my website, otherwise special order bulbs will be at retail price. Don't ask me before hand how much your bulb will cost, as I obviously won't know until we figure out which one you need!

If I'm unable to locate and sell you the correct bulb; 100% of your payment will be refunded.

Assuming I find your bulb and you later decide not to follow through with your bulb purchase; deposit will be forfeited.

Thanks - Don Schnapp
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