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- Help Finding bulbs. -

There are five main ways for locating bulbs on my website:
#1 Bulb Search:

Easy way to find bulbs is to enter bulb number in above "bulb search" field. Then press your keyboard enter/return key, or, click bulb search.

Enter whole or partial bulb number. Bulb perfectly matching your entry will be positioned at top of search results.

If you are looking for CLS/CLG bulb; you may enter CLS/CLG or, CLS or CLG. Or, enter partial bulb number like CL or LS or even S/CL...

additional examples:

DJL will find DJL
dfe will find DFE
zX will find EZX and CZX/DAB
Pr113 will find PR113 and HPR113 and XPR113

Doesn't matter if you use upper case or lower case letters. In addition to letters and numerals you may also enter spaces, dashes, slashes and periods. All other punctuation is ignored.

hint: less you enter the broader your search

#2 Equipment Search:

Find which bulb your equipment needs by using above equipment search.

Enter partial or whole words or numbers of manufacture, make and model in any order.

If you are looking for a bulb for a Bell and Howell projector model 120F Filmosound; any of the following entries will be successful:

bell howell 120f
howell filmosound
bell howell 120f filmosound
bel owel 120 filmo

Some results from above will be one correct entry while others will provide several possible results for you to look through.

Enter at least two characters for equipment search. Doesn't matter if upper case or lower case letters. In addition to letters and numerals you may also enter dashes - slashes / and periods . 

Removing punctiation will usually give better results.

Separate each search entry with a space.

The object is to enter as few search terms as possible which will narrow search to provide one correct result, otherwise you'll have to manually wade through a large result list. If you don't get ANY results then enter less info and try again.

hint: less you enter the broader your search

If too many results are being found, search will stop and you'll need to refine your entry.

#3 Bulb Data Search:

Do you know VOLTAGE, WATTAGE, and other data for the needed bulb? Use powerful Bulb Data Search feature.

Click for simple instructions.
Click for detailed instructions.
Click for advanced instructions.

#4 Equipment Lookup:

If you don't know which bulb number you need; use my Equipment Lookup in links on left and browse by list of manufuactures.

#5 Bulb Index:

All bulbs on my website are indexed by their most commonly known industry standard number, and can be found using bulb index links on the bottom left. But, as you may not know what the common industry standard bulb number is for your bulb, this feature may fail for you.

If you are looking for CXK bulb; click on the "C" link above. Scroll down until you find the CXK bulb then click on CXK bulb link.

For the PR6 bulb; click on the "P" link.

For the 615XES bulb; click on the "#6" link.

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As my wesite is updated daily, webpage address may change at anytime so please bookmark and link ONLY to my main page.

Thanks - Don Schnapp
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