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National Projector
carbon handbook

first edition 1926

Original for sale: $200

front cover
page 2-blank
page 3-title page
page 4-copyright page
page 5-preface
page 6-photo of National factory
page 7-Table of Contents
page 8-blank
page 9-Carbon, its Properties
page 10-cont.
page 11-Projector Carbons
page 12-cont. Amp/Candle Power
page 13-cont.
page 14-photo 10,12,14,16 Amp
page 15-photo 18,20,22,24 Amp
page 16-cont.
page 17-cont.
page 18-Carbon Trims-DC Current
page 19-cont.
page 20-cont. Cored & Orotip combos
page 21-cont. Alt Current
page 22-cont. White Flame AC combo
page 23-cont. DC low intesity
page 24-cont.
page 25-cont. Cored & Solid combos
page 26-High Intesity Lamps
page 27-cont.
page 28-cont. High Intensity combos
page 29-cont.
page 30-Operating Precautions
page 31-Arc Travelling/Wandering
page 32-Burned Out/Back Craters
page 33-Lip & Mushroom Points
page 34-Excessive Spindling
page 35-Sputter at the Arc
page 36-Mirror/Reflector Arc Lamps
page 37-cont. low intesity
page 38-cont. high intesity
page 39-cont.
page 40-cont.
page 41-Packing of Projector Carbons
page 42-Products of National Carbon Co.
page 43-Care of Measuring Inst.
page 44-cont.
page 45-Electrical Energy formula
page 46-Carrying Capacity Copper Wire
page 47-Properites Copper Wire
page 48-Electricy Ohmic Resistance
page 49-cont. Temp Coefficients Elec. Resist
page 50-Mensuration formulas
page 51-cont.
page 52-Useful Information-weight/measure
page 53-cont.
page 54-Thermometer Scales
page 55-Decimal Equivalents
page 56-Metric Equivalents
page 57-cont.
page 58-Millimeter/Inch Equivalents
page 59-cont.
page 60-Areas & Circumference of Circles
page 61-cont.
page 62-cont.
page 63-cont.
page 64-cont.
page 65-Memoranda
back cover
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