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bulb indexes:
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AC Guide
miniature and L-type lamps


Original for sale: $65

front cover
page 2-passenger cars; allstate-de soto
page 3-passenger cars; de soto-lincoln
page 4-passenger cars; lincoln-packard
page 5-passenger cars; packard-willys
page 6-foreign cars +++ footnotes
page 7-trucks; ahrens fox-chevrolet
page 8-trucks; chevrolet-ford
page 9-trucks; fwd-mack
page 10-trucks; oshkosh-willys
page 11-trucks; willys
page 11-accessory lamps; buick-dodge
page 12-accessory lamps; ford-willys
page 13-t3 headlamp saftey aimers promo, info
page 14-t3 headlamp saftey aimers promo, info
page 15-t3 headlamp saftey aimers promo, info
page 16-guide lamps numerical grouping index
page 17---group 1; 6 volt automotive
page 17---group 2; 12 volt automotive
page 17---group 3; "L" lamps sealed beam all-glass
page 18---group 3; "L" lamps sealed beam a/g cont'd
page 18---group 4; "L" lamps sealed beam metal back
page 19---group 5; aircraft service
page 19---group 6; aircraft sealed beam
page 19---group 7; marine sealed beam
page 19---group 8; sign & house numbers
page 20---group 9; marine service
page 20---group 10; telephone service
page 20---group 11; flashlights
page 21---group 12; hand lantern service
page 21---group 13; toys and novelties
page 21---group 14; toys trains
page 22---group 14; toys trains cont'd
page 22---group 15; medical service
page 22---group 16; appliance lamps
page 22---group 17; radio service
page 23---group 18; bicycle service
page 23---group 19; indicator service
page 23---group 20; coin machine service
page 23---group 21; special purpose
page 24-charts; bulb outline dimensions, "L" lamps
page 25-1940-57 automobile 6-volt lamp guide
page 26-1940-57 automobile 6-volt lamp guide cont'd
page 27-1953-57 automobile 12-volt lamp guide
back cover

wholesale price list front
wholesale price list back
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