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The Art of Choosing the Right Angled Power Strips

Task Lighting and Power’s angled power strips offer a convenient solution for easy access to power while maintaining a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. 

These customized power products are particularly popular in kitchen settings, where preserving the aesthetic of backsplashes and islands is essential. By eliminating the need for visible power outlets and preventing the need to cut into expensive tile or cabinetry, these power strips enhance both functionality and design.

In this guide, we’ll share with you some valuable insights to help you choose the perfect angled power strip for any project.

Assess Your Needs

The first step in selecting the perfect angled power strip is to assess your needs. Consider the following questions:

  • Where will you be using the power strip? Different locations may have varying requirements.
  • How many devices will you need to power simultaneously? Ensure the power strip has enough outlets.
  • Will you need additional features like USB charging ports or switches?
  • What is the available space for installation? Measure the area to ensure a proper fit.
  • Do you have specific design preferences or aesthetic considerations?

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options and choose a power strip that meets your requirements.

Determine the Location

The location where you intend to install the angled power strip is a crucial factor. Here are some common locations and their specific requirements:

  • Kitchen – If you plan to install the power strip in the kitchen, you’ll likely need one with multiple outlets to accommodate various appliances. Look for options with water-resistant features to protect against spills.
  • Office – In an office setting, consider a power strip with USB charging ports to keep your devices charged and ready for work. Cable management features can help keep your workspace tidy.
  • Home Theater – For your home theater system, choose a power strip with surge protection to safeguard your valuable electronics. Look for models with spaced outlets to accommodate larger plugs and adapters.
  • Bedroom – In bedrooms, compact power strips with additional features like dimmable LED nightlights can be handy. These are perfect for charging devices and providing subtle illumination.

Outlet Count

The number of outlets on your angled power strip is crucial. Ensure there are enough to accommodate all your devices. Consider future needs as well – having a few extra outlets can be beneficial. 

Additionally, verify that the outlets are well-spaced to accommodate bulkier adapters without blocking adjacent sockets.

Additional Features

Modern angled power strips come with various additional features to enhance convenience and safety. Some popular features include:

  • USB Charging Ports to allow you to charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices directly from the power strip, eliminating the need for adapters.
  • Surge Protection for safeguarding sensitive electronics from voltage spikes. Make sure your power strip has built-in surge protection to prevent damage to your devices.
  • Individual switches for each outlet to provide control over connected devices, allowing you to turn them on or off independently.
  • Cable management solutions to keep your cords organized and prevent tangling.

Aesthetics and Finish

While functionality is paramount, aesthetics also matter. Angled power strips come in various finishes to complement your decor. Whether you prefer classic white, sleek black, or brushed metal, choose a finish that aligns with your design preferences.


Angled power strips offer a convenient and stylish way to keep your devices powered while maintaining a clutter-free living or workspace. Don’t compromise on functionality or aesthetics – choose the right angled power strip to enhance your daily life.

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