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RAB Sensors and LED Lamps: The Perfect Duo for Superior Lighting

RAB Lighting is taking commercial lighting to the next level with an exciting new offering available. Combining their industry-leading motion sensors with highly customizable LED PAR lamps, RAB has created a top-tier security lighting bundle. 

With this package, customers have the option to select from four of RAB’s most popular motion sensor models: the STEALTH series and the GOTCHA series. 

These sensors are not only effective but also come in various hood designs and colors, allowing for greater customization based on your specific aesthetic or functional requirements.

Each of these high-quality kits includes a pair of LED PAR38 lamps that offer a trifecta of color temperature settings – 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K – and boast a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90. This means the lights will display colors more accurately compared to natural daylight. 

Even better, these LED lamps are designed to replace traditional halogen bulbs of up to 150W, which translates to substantial energy savings—up to 85% less energy usage.

What sets these bundles apart is the flexibility they offer. You’re not locked into a one-size-fits-all solution. You can pick and choose among sensor models with varying detection patterns. The available options are the STL110, STL200, STL360, and GT500. 

Each sensor model offers a unique detection pattern, so you can select the one that aligns best with the layout and security needs of your commercial environment.

What Features are Included

RAB’s new security lighting bundles come with a host of features designed for convenience, durability, and performance. Each kit includes two Edison base PAR38 lamps, which have the flexibility of three field-selectable color temperature settings: 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. This allows you to set the mood or adjust visibility according to your needs.

The sensor in the package boasts a wide 110º field of view, ensuring comprehensive coverage for security. Additionally, there’s a 6-hour protected manual override feature, giving you the option to manually control the lighting when needed.

Ease of installation is another benefit. The bundles come with an EZ Plate universal cover that fits all standard electrical boxes, making setup straightforward. 

Plus, these kits are suitable for wet locations, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors with no concerns about weather conditions affecting their performance.

As for warranties, the GOTCHA sensor comes with a 5-year limited warranty, the STEALTH sensor is covered by a 10-year limited warranty, and the included lamps have a 3-year limited warranty. These extended warranties reflect the quality and reliability of RAB’s products, providing you extra peace of mind with your purchase.

In summary, RAB’s new security lighting bundles offer unparalleled versatility and energy efficiency, making them an excellent investment for any commercial space concerned with both quality and sustainability.

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